Monday, June 18, 2007

CleanUp This Saturday!

From the president:

Don't forget the cleanup of Stanley's Spot next Saturday. You need gloves, rake for rocks, maybe a wheel barrow. Check with John Atkins for any other info. (

If you have a wheelbarrow to volunteer, please contact John Atkins and let him know you'll be bringing it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dog Park Cleanup June 23rd

Stanley's Spot is ready for spring cleaning!

MDOG members,

Cliff has asked me to "pass the word" that we will have a general "clean up" at the dog park on Saturday, June 23, starting at about 9:00 am (or earlier if we so desire.) Please help us keep our dog park as clean and as attractive as possible. Young and vigorous folks are particularly invited to participate!!!!

John Atkins (a not so young and vigorous MDOG member!)

Please contact our President, Cliff Harvey (contact information is in the right sidebar) if you have any questions.