Monday, July 10, 2006

New Dog Park in Morgantown!

To all those who have enjoyed Stanley's Spot with your canine companions...

Good news! Morgantown Dog Owners Group is delighted to announce that preparation has begun for a second dog park, located in Krepps Park near the WVU Coliseum. We held our first work day on April 21st, with folks from MDOG, BOPARC and other volunteers pitching in to clear underbrush, saplings and other obstacles. We hope to have the preliminary work done soon, and move forward with fencing and other improvement by the end of the summer.

A report from MDOG President, Cliff Harvey:

To all with aching muscles, the dogs of Morgantown will soon howl your praise. You really put in a day. For everyone who couldn't make it, we achieved a lot, but there is a lot left to do. Please, please try to come out and help us when we set up another date. The rest of us really need the help of young strong bodies. If any of you have contact with a group or students, high school or college, or just friends that will come to our aid, please invite them. Its too hard with just a few people. If this park is going to be finished this summer we need to recruit members and helpers.

More updates coming soon, as well as pictures of us sloshing in the mud during the cleanup.

Please contact us (information in the right sidebar) if you have any questions or would like to volunteer!

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