Thursday, April 26, 2007

Krepps Workday May 5

Call for volunteers from MDOG President Cliff Harvey:

Its Cinco de Mayo and we are ready to rumble. We are on with the Kennedy Center help on Saturday, May 5. Start twisting those arms and go after that extra person group, etc., who are willing to share their muscle for a great cause. We need everyone, and everyone needs to look for someone else who can help. At this point I assume our timetable to be about the same as before (8:30am-3:00pm). We need draggers and mud wadders to keep the Bobcat and chipper humming. If we all come together this time I think we will make a huge dent in stage one preparation. I will get back with specific times and a reminder as we get closer to the day. Think sun, think falling trees, but most of all think how super its going to be soon for the dogs of Morgantown.

Contact Cliff Harvey for further information and directions.

Hope to see you all there!